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Ambling into an art scene. [San Jose Mercury News, Friday, May 9, 2008].
Article with portrait of me (online also accompanied by a video) about First Fridays, a monthly gallery crawl in San Jose. Written by Linda Goldston; photography and videography by Dai Sugano. Prominently featuring myself and the How have you been an artist today? project at the This Show Needs You group exhibition that took place in and beyond the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art from March 29 to May17, 2008. Read... and/or Play...

[Korean Times (San Francisco Edition), Thursday, February 2, 2007].
Two short interviews and articles, each with photo, about the Local Colors project at the Keys That Fit Gallery and its surrounding two city blocs in Oakland. Written and photographed by the regional art critic of the Korean Times, Jung Hoon Lee, and published in that newspaper in 2007. (For those who can read Korean.)

Ars Virtua Opening 26 May: "How have you been an artist today?" [Rhizome, May 22, 2006].
Announcement and introduction by curator James Morgan about my one-man show with the How have you been an artist today? project and performance at and beyond the Ars Virtua Gallery & New Media Center, in the online virtual world Second Life. This show was one of two opening exhibitions when Ars Virtua opened its doors. Read...

Michael Smit
. [Mills College MFA Show 2005 catalogue].
Text by Glen Helfand about the How have you been an artist today? project, the one project out of my three MFA Show pieces that was presented inside the Mills College Art Museum gallery space, for the Mills College 2005 MFA exhibition. Read...
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