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2005: MFA, Mills College, Oakland (USA)
1997-99: Digital art courses at the CEA, CAI, and SFAI, San Francisco (USA)
1987: BA, Academy of Art Therapy, Nijmegen (The Netherlands)           
1982: BFA, Royal Academy of Art & Design, Den Bosch (The Netherlands)

Public projects:
Transparent pixelHow have you been an artist today? (2004-08)
Transparent pixelWe the people (of California Ave) (2006-07)
Transparent pixelLocal Colors (2006)
Transparent pixelPCMS (2005)
Transparent pixelRed States; Target; Lens (2004-05)
Transparent pixelCollaborative Sidewalk Drawings (2003-04)
Transparent pixelI/O – a public video art program (2002)
Transparent pixelHomeless Signs (2002)

Exhibitions: (1 = one-man show; 2 = group show)
Transparent pixelThis show needs you, Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose (2)
Transparent pixelEindhoven Caucus, van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven (2)
Transparent pixelWe the people (of Californa Ave)
, 393 California Ave, Palo Alto (2)
Transparent pixelPixel Dolls, Meat-Space, and Everything All at Once, Seattle Center, Seattle (2)
Transparent pixelSudo Island project room
, Aqua Art 2007, Miami (2)
Transparent pixelHow have you been an artist today?
, Ars Virtua, Second Life virtual world (1)
Transparent pixelFlack Attack On Autonomy, Flack Attack magazine, first issue (2)
Transparent pixelLocal Colors, Keys That Fit Gallery, Oakland (1)
Transparent pixelMills College MFA Show, Mills College Art Museum and campus, Oakland (2)
Transparent pixelPostcards From The Edge
, Brent Sikkema Gallery, New York
Transparent pixelPost Postcard, The Lab, San Francisco (2)
Transparent pixelVideo Works
, Mills College, Oakland (2)
Transparent pixelSittings, Mills College Project Space, Oakland, (1)
Transparent pixelBloodshow
, Quotidian Gallery, San Francisco (2)
Transparent pixelBunny Weirdness, 23Nine Gallery, San Francisco (2)
Transparent pixelSpring Show, Adobe Art Gallery, Castro Valley (2)
Transparent pixelYlem Anniversary Exhibition, SomArts Gallery, San Francisco (2)
Transparent pixelSpring Show, Adobe Art Gallery, Castro Valley (2)

Awards & Residencies:
Transparent pixelEindhoven Caucus (2007)
Transparent pixelJay de Feo award (2005)
Transparent pixelMills College Graduate Research Grant (2005)
Transparent pixelLuna artist residency (2002)
Transparent pixelLucas Prize (1982)

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